Burnout Revenge

Burnout Revenge Review

Visually Burnout Revenge is grittier, faster, and more brutal than its predecessors are. Set in real world locales such as Detroit, Rome, and Tokyo, the environments are varied and more attractive to the eye. Adding multi-level maps helps to provide the gamer with more freedom to come up with crazier ways to take out opponents and gain length to that ever so precious boost meter. Not only do you have gaps, splits, and alternate paths, but they’ve added some ramps in the mix for some exhilarating jumps. Burnout Revenge definitely keeps its crown for the fastest game on the market, leaving you literally dizzy after each intense event. Honestly, like Burnout 3, it almost spoils you for other racing games when you go from the breakneck speed of Burnout to a more realistic racing game like Project Gotham 3. I guess that all depends on personal preference, but this reviewer prefers arcade style racers.

This is not to say that Gotham fans will not appreciate what Burnout offers, but the sheer lack of realism may turn them off a bit. As long as you remember that this game is meant for fun, then you will have no problem with the over-the-top game play it provides. Speaking of fun, the crash sequences still are as painfully joyful as ever. It is not often when you are watching a race and you wince and laugh hysterically all in the same breath, but with Burnout, this is a plausible assumption. Burnout Revenge offers more than three times the damage effect and car deformation that Burnout 3 displayed, so get ready to rip your car to shreds. The lack of real licensing on the cars is a disappointment, but the concept cars created for the game still look fantastic. The entire game runs at a blistering 60fps, utilizes blurring effects, and the colors, reflections, and damage models really emphasize the extra time and effort into porting this title over to the 360. Just imagine what they have in store for their next incarnation.

Audio is loud and boisterous and if turned up loud enough will have your neighbors wonder if their streets have turned to mayhem. The crash effects are just as brutal to hear, as they are to see. The grinding, bending, and twisting of the metal after impact is gruesome, but somehow pleasing to the ear. There is a new announcer for the fictional radio station, and the music selection is more of the EA Trax selections. If you’re not a fan of the Trax, then by all means, use that custom soundtrack feature to set the mood you want to create.

Game play is once again easy to pick up and play, but provides plenty of depth and know-how to master. You realize this online when you have people who are good, and people who are damn good in the same race. The rules are the same, but some gamers are just better and Burnout considers this by NOT letting trailing gamers catch up. You are either good, or not, there is no try. Offline, on the other hand is a different story. I guess Criterion figures that CPU A.I. gets special treatment, as you will see the A.I. always keeps pace and somehow just know all the short cuts, upcoming wreckages, and ways to pass you without fail. This at least holds true for the 1st and 2nd placed A.I. racers. Controls once again are extremely precise and if you can adjust to the overwhelming sense of speed, you will find this game controls as good, if not better than, any other racing game on the market. Even the crashes have strategy as you control the aftermath and try to cause your opponents to stay back by the damage you cause in your demise. Whether you choose to race or play the incredibly addictive crash modes, you will have a blast. Even cooler is the new Revenge Prospect, which awards you for racing dirty. Also added is the ability to bump and crash racers in front of you without the automatic crashing that Burnout 3 offered. Oncoming traffic on the other side coming your way is a different story of course. Like the old Beach Boys song says, this game is “fun, fun, fun”!

There is a ton of things to do in Burnout Revenge. The game is HUGE. Tons of races, crash modes, road rage races, battles, and more await you for more than 40 or 50 hours of racing goodness. Add even more playtime when you take your skills online and race against friends and soon to be enemies. A cool new online feature is that the scoreboard now reflects what you do online only so the chances of someone fudging high scores or lap times should all be eliminated.

What else can I say, Burnout Revenge is a must buy title and should hold a place on your shelf with the other Xbox 360 titles. The game is fast, crazy, gorgeous, and with the new modes for online play, a ton of time can be eaten up online and offline as well. Sim fans have Project Gotham, arcade fans now have a racer they can say can hold its own against it, and Burnout Revenge is that arcade racer.