George Hagi

Steaua Bucharest


Most sports writers and, according to him, Steaua played in Bucharest is the period in which he performed the best in his career. Hagi in this period, mostly behind the striker sometimes took the task to the left of the middle field despite the four seasons çıktığı 97 scored 85 goals in the game and many assists did. It is not known exactly how many assists he did since the number of assists was not started to be counted in those years. Steaua has played four Romanian league championships and three Romanian Cups in four years, as well as 1 European Super Cup, 1 UEFA Champions League final, 1 UEFA Champions League semi-final and 1 FIFA World Cup final. During the time he played in Steau, although he was repeatedly asked by Juventus, Liverpool, Chelsea and especially AC Milan, the transfer was not possible due to the communist regime of the period.after the change of the communist regime in the 1990-1991 season, Hagi was transferred to this club by breaking the record for the bonservis of the period in Romania, thanks to the efforts of Spain’s world-famous club Real Madrid at the age of 25.
Real Madrid

Hagi transferred with great expectations in the first year of the club to be sent to show the desired performance came on the agenda. Hagi, who didn’t want to leave the team, asked for another chance and the club management stopped selling the player. Real Madrid 2. in the season, Hagi unexpectedly took the lead of the team and achieved the desired performance. However, the Championship, Hagi 1 goals, played with 1 assists, 3-2 loss of the last week’s Tenerife match was Barcelona. Gica, who concluded his contract, rejected Madrid’s new contract offer, citing that he was unhappy in Spain, and made an unexpected decision to transfer to Italy’s Brescia team in the 1992-1993 season after his two seasons in Real Madrid with Lucescu’s offer. Hagi Real Madrid jersey came out with 64 spades and 15 goals and 42 assists made.
Brescia Calcio

After two seasons in Real Madrid Hagi Italy’s Brescia team was transferred to the team, Team 2. he was captain of the season. 2 at the club.he won the Anglo-Italy Cup, one of the most important achievements in the history of Brescia Calcio.

After two years in Brescia, Hagi was impressed by Barcelona’s Dutch technical man Johan Cruyff with the Romanian national team at the 1994 World Cup. “This year, the world’s best footballer is undisputed Gheorghe Hagi,” he said in a the 1994-1995 season, Hagi returned to Spain and wore the Barcelona jersey for two seasons. In the two seasons in Barcelona Hagi sometimes started to spare the matches, and despite frequent discussion with Cruyff 51 spades(36 leagues, 6 Hearts, 2 Spain Super Cup, 7 European Cup) and 11 goals scored and 10 assists did. After the 1996 European football championship, Hagi signed a contract with Galatasaray at the age of 31 with Fatih Terim’s insistence.

Hagi’s transfer received criticism in the Turkish press. Hagi was alleged to be 35, not 31. Hagi said he would respond to criticism on the pitch and scored goals in the first three league matches in Galatasaray. In later years, Hagi became the team’s secret leader.he scored 110 goals in 132 matches and scored 51 assists (59 goals, 51 assists) as well as the trophies he won on the team.

Hagi’s team wore the most Form 5 season became Galatasaray. The famous “number 10” was able to enter the unforgettable moments of Galatasaray audience with the hard, accurate shots and the goals he scored from the Frieze. After the goals Galatasaray tribunes I Love You Hagi in the form of cheering Hagi’ye showed their love.
Jubilee and later
At the end of the 2000-2001 season, Gheorghe Hagi said farewell to the 36-year-old green field in Galatasaray with a Jubilee match played by stars around the world. Although he said he had left football at the end of the season, he was confirmed by the managers of Inter and Madrid that Italy had offered to return to Real Madrid clubs in Internazionale and Spain. But Hagi, thanks to the offers Galatasaray happy and futbolla said he would say goodbye here. Galatasaray Club Hagi carries the number 10 jersey until 2002 until the museum took up. In the 2002-2003 season, Fatih term’ s arrival of Brazilian Jorge Felipe wore the jersey. Hakan thank you, not Hakan thank you behind the shirt, H. Thank goodness (Hagi’s “H”) wrote the number 10 jersey that he did not deserve any more and wanted to show his respect.