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Real Madrid’s internal field matches 80.354 people playing at Bernabeu Santiago, 68.670 average of each match is order to purchase a seasonal combination, it is necessary to have a club membership first. There are approximately 1,800 peñas (official groups of supporters affiliated to the club) all over the world except those who are members of the club. Real Madrid has always been one of the teams with the highest audience average in Spain. The average of 71,900 spectators caught in the 2004-05 season was the second highest audience average in the La Liga.

Real’s biggest fan group is the ultras Sur. The political stance of this group is known as the extreme right wing. Ultras Sur is a brother to Irriducbili, SS Lazio, who is also a far-right fan group like himself. These groups of supporters are also known for their racist attitudes towards football players.
Eternal competition
El Clásico

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The eternal competition between Barcelona and Real Madrid is called El Clásico. During the Civil War, this competition has also taken shape in the political arena, and cultural and political tensions between the Catalan and the Castile peoples have been dominant.

During Francisco Franco period, he applied pressure policy on all regional cultures, mainly Catalan. In Spanish, all languages other than Spanish are prohibited from speaking.In this period FC Barcelona became the symbol of the Catalan people and was referred to as “Més que un club” (more than a club). Supporting Barcelona during the dictatorship was the most striking way to show that it was Catalan, as Manuel Vázquez Montalbán said. This was also a way of showing that anti-Franco was an opponent of the dictatorship without taking action.Real Madrid was seen as a symbol of the understanding of repressive centrism and the fascist regime during the Civil War era in which Barcelona symbolized its opposition.

Today, the only sporting sense of this competition, transfers, Cup championships, financial income continues in areas such as.
El Derby madrileño

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The choreographer of real fans before el derbi madrileño played in Bernabeu in the 2006-07 season.

Real Madrid’s rival, Atlético, is competing with Madrid in both the sports arena and in the field of fans. Atlético was founded in 1903 by a three-press student and expanded in 1904 with the participation of the opponents of Madrid FC. Throughout history, real’s supporters have come from the aristocratic and supranational class, and Atlético’s supporters have come from the working class.

The first encounter of the two clubs took place on February 21, 1929 in Chamartín. This first Derby has won Real 2-1, the first match between the two teams in the international arena was held in 1959 in the semi-finals of the Champion Clubs Cup. The first match was real 2-1, the second match was Atlético 1-0 won, and the last round was real.

In the La Liga, which was dominated by Real between 1961 and 1989, Atlético, who was only champion in 1966, 1970, 1973 and 1977, drew a low profile from real and gave a failed appearance compared to real. Real Madrid, which has a total of 32 leagues in total, has only 10 leagues in the Championship, and the Atlético Madrid’s popularity in the international arena is less than Real.
The place in popular culture

Real Madrid, Goal! goal, the second film of his trilogy! 2: Living the dream…’s been the subject. Goal, taken with full support of UEFA! the series is about real players. In the film series, Real Madrid actors Iker Casillas, Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Raúl González, Sergio Ramos, Robinho, Thomas Gravesen, Michael Owen, Míchel Salado, Jullio Baptist, Gutti, Steve McManaman, Jonathan Woodgate and Iván Helguera.

Real, the movie is a semi-documentary nature of the film is all about Real Madrid. The film directed by Borja Manso, which is produced by the club, deals with the love of Real Madrid fans. In addition to the artistic aspect of the film, Ciudad Real Madrid images, matches and interviews are also included in the film. The film focused primarily on the Los Galácticos generation, including David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Raúl González, Luís Figo, Ronaldo, Iker Casillas and Roberto Carlos.

The book White storm: 100 years of Real Madrid (White Storm: 100 years of Real Madrid), written by Phil Ball, has been the first English publication to handle the history of Real Madrid. The book, published in 2002, deals with the success of Real Madrid in 100 years. Translated into many languages, the book is the most comprehensive written publication of the history of Real Madrid.
Real Madrid TV

Real Madrid TV is an encrypted television channel run by Real Madrid, specializing in Spanish Football teams. The channel broadcasts in Spanish and English.
Football players

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Spanish football clubs have only three foreign players in their positions outside the EU. A player who is a citizen of a non-EU member country is also a citizen of an EU member country (if he / she has dual citizenship) and does not fill the foreign quota. The same applies to citizens of AKP countries. In accordance with the Cotonou Agreement, football players who are EU citizens are not considered as foreign players in Spain. As an example of this situation Roberto Carlos can be shown. Carlos, a Brazilian football player, also has a Spanish citizenship because of the status of foreign footballer in the form of 11 years without being included in the form of Real Madrid.