Ronaldinho Dinho


Ronaldo de Assis Moreira was born on March 21, 1980 in Porto Alegre, the province of Rio Grande do Sul. His mother, Dona Miguelina Elói Assis Dos Santos (daughter of Enviroiras Assis), is an old salesperson who has been trained in nursing. His father, João de Assis Moreira, was a shipyard worker and played football at Esporte Club Cruze.when he was eight, he lost his father because he had a heart attack in the swimming pool. Ronaldo’s great brother Roberto made a deal with Grêmio, a house dedicated to his brother by the club, moved with his family to the Guarujá region of Porto Alegre. His brother, however, was unable to make the expected rise in his career due to injuries. Today, his brother is his manager and his sister is the coordinator of the press. Ronaldo’s football skills began to emerge when he was 8 years old, and since he was the youngest player in the infrastructure team, he was called Ronaldinho, he was interested in futsal and beach football, then he moved to the green field. The first meeting with the media was 13 years old, 23-0 they won all goals during a local encounter drew attention. Ronaldinho was defined as a rising star in the 1997 FIFA World Cup under the age of 17 in Egypt. He scored two goals in the tournament, two in penalty.Ronaldinho has a boy from his partner Janaína Mendes, Brazilian dancer. João, the son of whom he named his father, was born on February 25, 2005, he became a Spanish citizen in 2007.
Club career

Ronaldinho started his professional furball career on the Grêmio young team. He lived his first high-level experience at the 1998 Copa Libertadores.In 1999, Ronaldinho scored 23 goals in 48 matches when he was 18. On June 20, 1999, the Rio Grande do Sul won the final team against Internacional and became the champion they won Copa Sul-Minas the same year.

In 2001, Arsenal tried to sign Ronaldinho, the EU member country is not a citizen and does not play in a sufficient number of international competitions did not receive a work permit transfer was canceled at the same time, the Scottish Premier League team St. He had a deal with Mirren, and the transfer was cancelled because he was involved in fake passport incidents.
Saint-Germain In Paris

Ronaldinho was transferred to the French club Paris Saint-Germain for € 5 million in 2001 he was given form 21.

The first match in the league on August 4, 2001, 1-1 AJ Auxerre was in a draw match Olympique Lyonnais scored their first goal in the league on 13 October in the 2-2 draw match. after returning from the winter vacation Monaco, Rennes, lens and Lorient scored four goals in a row. On March 16, 2002, they won 3-1 trophies scored 2 goals in AC match. the last goal in the league scored 2-0 on 27 April in the match of FC Metz.

Ronaldinho team in the 2001-02 season, the Coupe de la Ligue’de showed an effective performance. The last 16 rounds of the Guingamp match 2. half of the game included 2 scored goals. Paris Saint-Germain was then eliminated to Bordeaux in the semi-finals. Although Ronaldinho had a successful performance in the club, he had problems with Luis Fernández, director of Saint-Germain in Paris. Luis Fernández claimed that Brazilian football players concentrated on night life instead of football.
Before the 2002-03 season

Despite ongoing fights with Fernandez, Ronaldinho returned to the team in the 2002-3 season, and he was given No. 10. Although his performance in the second season was low compared to his first season, he performed well with his club. On January 26, 2002, olympiique de Marseille scored 2 goals in the match, the first goal free kick, the other goal scored penaltidan, the match 3-0 finished.

Ronaldinho performed effectively at the Coupe de France in the same season. 2-0 win in the semi-finals Bordeaux match 2 goals and his team moved to the finals. Ronaldinho’s performance was welcomed by the Paris fans. AJ Auxerre in the finals with 89. every minute, Jean-Alain Boumsong scored the final match lost. Despite Ronaldinho’s performance, the club league 11. finished in place. Ronaldinho announced he wanted to leave the club at the end of the season.
FC Barcelona


The president, Joan Laporta, with his promise to bring Beckham to Barcelona, failed in this transfer attempt, and the arch rival, Beckham, was captured in Real Madrid. Barcelona, on the other hand, completed the transfer on July 19, 2003, with a charge of EUR 21,250 million in bonservis.

Barcelona’s first match took place on 27 July 2003. From the start of his first game, PSG was very eager, very combative and very successful football, and he developed his football with each passing day. Barcelona La Liga finished second in the first year. Ronaldinho scored 15 goals in 32 games.